Concierge Services

It is not always possible for family members to be around their loved ones on a daily basis with work and family commitments equaling limited time. At Meadowvale Homecare we are passionate about what we do. We understand people and know that remaining a part of society is highly important. Think of our concierge service as having direct access to a personal assistant. We currently have a list of activities already researched so please feel free to request this from us today. If there is something you or your loved one is interested in that isn’t on the list just let us know. We will be happy to make some enquiries.

How Does it Work?

We will literally do all of the groundwork. By getting to know our clients we learn about likes, hobbies and interests. From here we investigate local clubs, meetings and sessions based around any given activity. For wheelchair users we will make sure relevant access is available and for those who are housebound there is always something of interest we can find. Making the necessary arrangements we take clients to and from the destination, accompanying them entirely if requested.

Health and Well-Being

Fundamental to mental health, social activities not only allow us to mix with other people they make us feel better, happier, confident and a part of society. Activities shouldn’t necessarily completely cease just because people require the help of a care worker and we want to ensure our clients have access to as much information and as many facilities as possible. We understand that everyone’s physical abilities and needs are different, but also realise that being social is vitally important to wellbeing and we all need something to look forward to.