Within a person’s lifetime it can get to the point where additional care becomes necessary. Once this point has been reached we understand that cost implications can soon mount up. As a company we meet the needs of our clients and are always looking for additional ways to help in terms of health and well-being and this is where our syndicates system comes in. We want you or your loved ones to get the most from our services and we believe this a great addition to what we offer.

How does it Work?

It’s really quite simple. By getting your head together with some friends the idea is that you share the cost of care. So for example, say you are interested in starting a Bridge club at your home with three friends. We would arrange for one carer to collect each person bringing them to your house. Each person simply pays for a single hour of care each and because only one carer is required the total time they will spend supervising will be four hours. This cuts costs whilst allowing for social activities to continue over longer periods of time. Sounds good!

What can I do?

There are a number of different activities you can get involved with when it comes to syndicates. We can even suggest like-minded people within the Meadowvale family to become part of your syndicate to broaden your social network further. If it’s the theatre you are interested in then let us know. We will arrange the trip. The cinema is a popular choice alongside sporting events such as football matches. Beach trips, coffee mornings, supporting local charities, films and book clubs are just some examples of the activities we can help with.